Acupuncture Physical Therapy
Integrated Healing
Integrated Healing

Acupuncture Physical Therapy

Dr. Steven M. Pertes recently completed training with Myopain Seminars to become a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist (CMTPT).

If there is free flow, there is no pain.
If there is no pain, there is free flow.

Tong zhi by tong
Bu tong zi tong.

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Acupuncture Physical Therapy is a unique approach to treating pain, including neck and back injuries, sports injuries and stress-related diseases.

Merging traditional Oriental Acupuncture practice with evidenced-based, modern medicine technique of dry trigger point needling, Acupuncture Physical Therapy treatments can be a viable means of healing, pain management and prevention.

Combining acupuncture theory with the physical therapy approach of releasing myofascial trigger points and stress holding patterns allows Acupuncture Physical Therapy to address problems that are not responsive to other more common interventions such as medications, chiropractic or traditional physical therapy.

Learn more about us or contact us to schedule an appointment or request additional information to see if Acupuncture Physical Therapy is right for you.
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